About Me

I was born in 1991 in Camposampiero, Padua. I started taking pictures in 2007 as a simple hobby doing reportage. During the next years my work grew more and more and I became a freelance photographer in 2016. At first I started working at weddings and as a studio assistant, but then my interest moved to fashion editorial and portrait. I moved to Milan in early 2017, where I started shooting mainly for independent fashion magazines and web influencers. I never see my job as a way to make money but only as a way to translate my ideas to images.

Latest publications


Photo Vogue

Imirage Mag Issues IDOL and # 73

Trend Privé

Imagism Mag December 017

Salyse Mag January 2018

BringMe Mag Issue 3

Volant ADORE N.04

PERIOD Mag January 2018

Tocksick Mag

PROMO Mag January 2018

ELOQUE Mag Issue 2

Arto of Portrait Issue9

SHUBA Mag Issue 7

PUMP Mag : Elite & Celebrities Deluxe Edition

ELEGANT Mag, December 2017 & March 2018

Vanity Fair, August 2017






EdithMarcel,Lizabeth, Squero, CycleJeans, Le Spose di Cocò, Ribbon Clothing, ShowReel, Monteiro Milano, Nave de Vero, Nld Fashion Career and more.